Lesson Topic

Shape of the Month: Star
Color of the Month: Green
Letters of the Month: G,N
Numbers of the Month:  2 and 4


August Lesson Plan

In the month of August we will be learning our letters, numbers, colors and shapes through a “Great Outdoors” theme. The lessons are based on camping, forest animals, and the night time sky.  We will explore and learn through hands on activities and music based on this theme. 

Large Motor Development:  The children will be playing the game “Camper Says”.  They have to listen for the special word “Camper” before completing the directed action given.  

Science: Gummy Bears are not only delicious to eat but a great way to learn about osmosis.  First, we measured the gummy bears and recorded our results. Next, we put a gummy bear in plain water, salt water, vinegar, and baking soda water.  We let them sit for the class period and periodically checked to see if we could notice any changes.  At the end of class we re-measured the gummy bears and described what we had observed about them. 

Building Fine Motor Skills: The children will be making marshmallow constellations using toothpicks and marshmallows.  

Name Recognition: The children will each have a sentence strip with their name on it. They will be using chalk and chalk blocks to write the letters in their name and placing the blocks by each letter to spell out their name. 

Math Concepts:  Each child will receive  10 teddy grahams on a mat.  The children will roll the dice and take that many teddy grahams and place them into the bear cave.  This activity allows us to discuss the more and less concept as well as working on adding and subtracting.  

Literacy: G is for Green Grass.  The children will be cutting strips of green paper and gluing them onto the letter G.