STEM Programs for Young Minds

Science  | Technology | Engineering | Math

What is STEM?
It’s children building knowledge through observing the world and what’s around them, asking questions and investigating how things work together.

Preschool Delivers monthly themed STEM programs!

Our STEM sessions will include a 30-45 minute lesson at your location based on a science, technology, engineering or math theme each month. Activities will be open ended for children to explore and use their thinking and problem-solving skills.

Kids learning with STEM.

Enriching young minds with STEM activities.

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Our STEM age groups: Preschool and School Age 5-9 years

Our core working philosophy: Hands-on and Minds-on

Our theme based activities that foster STEM include:

  • Science Experiments
  • Building
  • Designing
  • Gravity
  • Light
  • Shapes
  • Tools

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