Preschool Pack

Preschool Pack or Gift Pack

Looking for a gift idea?
Our Preschool and Gift Packs offer fun educational activities that can be taken almost anywhere.

Our packs include practice sheets, cutting activities, puzzles, shapes, and more. Purchase yours today!

Preschool Pack or Gift Pack. $25
Order by email or call today!

See what’s included in your Preschool Pack or Gift Pack:

A durable caddy that will be personalized with your child’s name. Write and wipe pouch, 2 dry erase markers and eraser used with prewriting practice sheets and personalized name writing practice sheets.
3 markers, 2 pencils, scissors, and glue stick: used for writing activities and cutting activity. Personalized puzzle that reinforces cognitive learning and fine motor control.
Two dot markers and several dot marker activity sheets to work on fine motor control and hand eye coordination. Number cards and counters feature numbers 1-10 to help children with number recognition and counting.
Durable lacing activity card and string to reinforce fine motor control. Two mini containers of play dough and activity mats to reinforce shape recognition.

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